Our Company

Our mission is to provide quality design-build and construction services to our clients.

Denham-Blythe Company has been providing architectural, engineering, construction management, general contracting and start-up services since 1976. Our clients include healthcare institutions, educational institutions, religious institutions, Fortune 500 manufacturing companies, multinational companies and other private clients. Denham-Blythe Company has offices in Lexington, Kentucky; Greenville, South Carolina; and Nashville, Tennessee.

We have completed projects in Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin, West Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Texas, Kansas, Iowa, Alabama, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, California and Mississippi. Our primary focus has been to provide creative and efficient solutions for our customers’ needs in order to create long-term relationships resulting in repeat business.

Denham-Blythe Company regularly performs large-scale design-build projects in a multi-state region. We have a permanent staff of professional and trade personnel located in our three offices. Our in-house professional staff is committed to providing strong leadership and quality services for the benefit of our clients.

We have developed long-term relationships with various companies by performing design-build services in a timely and cost effective manner.


Quality control and assurance is a function of the overall efficiency and integration within the provider of professional construction services. Simply stated, quality is “conformance to the requirements.”

With properly trained and adequately prepared personnel working for the benefit of the project, quality is achievable. Denham-Blythe Company is an organization consisting of construction professionals with many years of experience who receive constant training. Our construction professionals are selected and assigned based upon their individual level of experience, training and readiness for any particular project.

Utilizing traditional tools and methodology along with the available technological advances and working within an environment where the owner’s requirements are fully integrated with management, design and construction, our construction professionals have the best opportunity to provide a quality product.


At Denham-Blythe, Safety is our top priority. This is practiced every day, on every job-site.

We maintain and enforce a vigorous and proactive F.I.R.S.T. program that includes ongoing job-site inspections, continuous training, and motivational efforts to develop safety awareness among our employees. This is led by our own in-house safety committee. This safety committee is led by Samuel L. Boley, CHST - Safety Director; Karen Garrett Hendrix, Human Resources Director; and Mike Cox, President. The committee consists of field supervisors, craftsmen and a member of the design staff, all selected for rotating terms. On a regular basis, the committee reviews potential risks, recent violations and recommendations for program improvements.

Sam Boley, our Safety Director, has over 20 years of experience in both the construction and safety industry. He is recognized by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals as a CHST (Construction Health and Safety Technician). Sam assists our work force as well as our in-house design team in being proactive in safety. Whether it is applying safety in the design stages or mitigating a hazard in the construction phase, he acts as a resource through the entire construction process. Sam is well-respected in the safety industry and works directly as a resource for our clients as well.

Components of the Safety F.I.R.S.T. program.

F-undamentals are taught throughout our company to provide the essential components necessary in performing safe quality assignments in the construction process.
I-nspections are performed on a daily basis and as conditions change. Also, computerized audits are performed by our safety director on a routine basis to ensure safety and compliance on all our jobsites.
R-esources such as people and equipment are a source of support, aid, and are readily drawn upon when needed to ensure our projects are a safe work environment for our workers and clients.
S-afety of our workers is one of our company’s top priorities.
T-raining is provided on all levels of the construction process. Denham-Blythe is proactive in mitigating risks through careful planning and comprehensive training of our workers to recognize, avoid, abate and prevent hazards.

Our overall safety program includes all of the key components required to be effective.

Project managers, superintendents, field engineers and craftsmen receive extensive, in-house, safety training in areas of study that cover the required and necessary topics.

Whatever the size or scope of the project, we consider safety an instrumental component of quality construction. With this our goal is to provide Zero Harm to Personnel, Property, and Environment making safety one of top priorities on every job-site.

Inside Denham-Blythe

  • Over 75% of our projects are design-build projects.
  • Over 85% of our projects are with repeat customers.
  • Denham-Blythe holds professional registration licenses in 33 states.
  • Denham-Blythe holds contractor licenses in 14 states.
  • 12 states where Denham-Blythe is licensed to transact business but no contractor license is required.
  • Denham-Blythe has been named a top 100 design-build firm and a top 400 contractor by Engineering News-Record