Construction Management

Contracting methodology varies from project to project. However, construction management is the key element in every single Denham-Blythe project. Using traditional methodology, the owner becomes separated from the project through the construction management process. Using the Denham-Blythe method for construction management, the owner remains fully integrated with the designers and contractors through the construction process.

Regardless of the chosen contracting method or the owner’s preferred level of involvement, the Denham-Blythe method includes and addresses the key components (see below).

Denham-Blythe project management personnel receive continual training and guidance in our efforts to achieve the goals and objectives of our Mission Statement.

Construction Management Key Components

  • Value Engineering
  • General Responsibility for Construction Safety
  • Proper Organization of the Construction Project
  • On-Site Supervision and Management
  • Construction Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Set-Up of Temporary Facilities
  • Ordering and Tracking Submittals
  • Inspection and Acceptance of Materials
  • Continual Project Inspections
  • Quality Control and Assurance
  • Minimization of Change Order Situations
  • Monitoring of Compliance with Laws and Regulations
  • Monitoring of Conformance to Specifications
  • Monitoring of Conformance to Drawings
  • Construction Meetings and Conferences
  • Identification and Assessment of Construction Risks
  • Record Keeping and Reporting
  • Evaluation of Costs and Payments
  • Aggressive Project Close-Out