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Casey Dunn promoted to CEO of Denham-Blythe

Casey Dunn has been promoted to Chief Executive Officer for Denham-Blythe Co., Inc., and will administer oversight for the design/build large construction company with offices in Kentucky, South Carolina and Tennessee. Dunn is also the Chief Operating Officer and works closely with Human Resources to recruit professional staff, oversees all insurance and benefits partners, mitigates risk management, and manages a wide array of preconstruction and construction services oversight for design-build projects in various states.

Denham-Blythe, which was founded in 1976 in Lexington, Ky., specializes in markets such as industrial manufacturing, automotive, distribution, food, and healthcare. The company focuses on creating and maintaining relationships, completing building projects in over 34 states and Mexico, with 90% of its business from repeat customers.


STEM Career Day at Denham-Blythe a success

In June, Denham-Blythe hosted the annual “Grow from Within” STEM career day for 23 local middle and high school students interested in Engineering and other construction careers at the Lexington headquarters in Lexington, Ky. Presentations and experiments were shown throughout the day by mechanical, civil, structural, and electrical engineers as well as architects.

Several breakout sessions and activities for students included an introduction to architectural model building, a drone demonstration, 3D scanning and wooden beam demonstrations, and other STEM-related construction uses.

It is hoped that the event will inspire students to consider choosing STEM careers in the construction industry for the future.

Construction Safety Week – May 6-10, 2024

At Denham-Blythe, safety isn’t just a core value for the safety department, but for the entire company. Our goal is simple: We strive for all our projects to be accident and incident free. Check out what our team members have to say about construction safety!

Denham-Blythe named winner of Design/Build Category for the 2023 AGC Build Kentucky Awards

Denham-Blythe received the 2023 AGC’s Build Kentucky Award in the Design/Build category for Catalent Pharma Solutions Front Office Expansion in Winchester, KY. The Catalent Front Office Addition consisted of adding a brand-new main office to the front of the Catalent Headquarters and be the new focal point and showcase of the facility. With contracts to manufacture pharmaceutical products from customers all over the United States and world, the new state-of-the-art addition serves as a welcome center to customers worldwide, as they visit and tour the first-class clean rooms and production suites. 

The new building also provided a much-needed consolidation of various Catalent staff offices to one central location. The new offices and main entrance not only add great conference rooms and working spaces for visiting customers, but they add exceptional curb appeal to the local industrial park. The facility has an entirely different look to show off their products. This addition provides more job opportunities for the Winchester community, while positively impacting the economy. The construction of this project consisted largely of Kentucky-based contractors. We appreciate partnering with Catalent on their new office building.

Denham-Blythe selected to renovate and expand God’s Pantry Food Bank headquarters in Lexington, KY

We are excited to announce that Denham-Blythe has been selected for renovations and additions to God’s Pantry Food Bank headquarters at Blue Grass Business Park in Lexington, KY. Yesterday was the official groundbreaking for this exciting project that will allow God’s Pantry Food Bank to increase their ability to feed more Kentuckians in the future. The 127,232 sq. ft. renovated building will include updated office areas, expanded shipping and receiving offices, and an improved reception area. Also included in the renovations will be the installation of a freezer and cooler space, a produce cooler, and a conditioned receiving dock.

When complete, the building renovation and expansion will support more than 500 partner agencies in Central and Eastern Kentucky.

Completion of casting pit placement significant milestone at Novelis Site in Guthrie, KY

After many manhours and complex logistics, Denham-Blythe Company recently completed the excavation and concrete placement of a casting pit at the Novelis Merlin site in Guthrie, KY. The casting pit is a space in which molten aluminum is cast into large ingots. The placement of this 7’-0” thick base mat required a specialized concrete with waterproofing and anti wash-out additives in order to place the concrete in standing water that was the result of groundwater infiltration at a rate of 800 gallons per minute.

Blue Grass Airport announces Denham-Blythe chosen to construct new 50,000 SF hangar for corporate aircraft

The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Airport Board has selected Denham-Blythe to construct a new 50,000-square-foot hangar for large corporate aircraft at Blue Grass Airport. The new hangar includes 30-foot-high doors and is designed to accommodate business jets in sizes up to the Gulfstream G700 and Global Express 7500/8000 platforms. This facility will have the capability to house the largest and longest-range corporate aircraft available on the market.

Construction of the new hangar is set to begin in October 2023 with anticipated completion in fall 2024. Denham-Blythe Company is a design-build construction company with over 40 years of experience in the automotive, industrial, food/pharma, healthcare, institutional, and commercial sectors. Since 1976, Denham-Blythe has completed more than 10,000 projects in the United States and Mexico for a diverse customer base including local startups and Fortune 500 companies.

In addition to the 30-foot-high doors, this hangar will include associated offices and storage spaces as well as vehicle parking. This $15.5 million project is yet another example of how Blue Grass Airport is investing in its infrastructure to serve the needs of aircraft owners.

“Blue Grass Airport is committed to advancing its private aviation facilities to meet the evolving needs of the aviation community,” said Eric Frankl, president & CEO of Blue Grass Airport. “This new hangar represents a significant step forward in that effort. The 30-foot-high doors will provide the flexibility to house a diverse fleet of aircraft, and we look forward to providing our corporate aviation partners with an exceptional facility with the utmost conveniences.”

Denham-Blythe proud sponsor of Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation

Photo taken at TRF educational event sponsored by Denham-Blythe and held at Spy Coast Farm in Lexington, KY

Denham Blythe is happy to be a partner of the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundaton (TRF) and their Second Chances program at the Blackburn Correctional Complex in Lexington, KY. Established in 1999, the TRF opened a farm at Blackburn, and shortly before the first TRF horses arrived, an old dairy barn was converted to accommodate the horses.

Today, it is one of the TRF’s largest Second Chances Farms, with about 50 horses living out their retirement years on 100 acres of prime Kentucky bluegrass at the state’s largest minimum-security prison.

The program is mutually beneficial to the offenders working in the program and the program’s thoroughbreds. The horses are well cared for and live their remaining years in a stable and nurturing environment. The offenders learn patience, a sense of empathy, trust, and responsibility, as well as valuable skills that may assist them in securing future employment.

To learn more about the TRF, follow this link: Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation 

Jordan Lewis named the 2023 Young Construction Engineer of the Year by University of Kentucky College of Engineering

Congratulations to Jordan Lewis, Senior Project Manager, for being named the 2023 Young Construction Engineer of the Year by the University of Kentucky College of Engineering. The award recognizes individuals that have made profound impacts on the construction industry in Kentucky early in their careers. Jordan was nominated for his leadership, safety record, and effectiveness in managing jobsites and projects with a great deal of diversity. We are so proud of his achievements at Denham-Blythe.

Denham-Blythe ranked in four categories by Engineering News-Record Top Rankings 2023

We are excited to announce that Denham-Blythe has achieved top rankings in four categories for 2023 by the Engineering News-Record. We achieved the following:

Top 500 Design Firms (#499), Top 400 Contractors (#332), Top 100 Design/Build Firms (#90) and Top 20 Hazardous Waste Contractors (#10).

The ENR is a weekly magazine that compiles and publishes rankings of the largest construction and engineering firms annually, measured by gross revenues. It is widely regarded as one of the construction industry’s most authoritative publications. 

As a true design-build company, Denham-Blythe offers our clients a simplified construction experience with the assurance of a single-source partner, while improving project schedule, costs, and quality. Clients choose us because of our ability to provide a turn-key project with all of our in-house services. We are Design/Build.

Check out the rankings below at the link!

Engineering News-Record Top Lists

Happy National Intern Day 2023!

Denham-Blythe is dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of our interns. They are the future leaders of the world, and we take pride in their quality training and give encouragement for achieving their goals in the construction industry. Whether working in the office or on a job site, our interns are ready to help and serve the company, and we want to acknowledge their hard work.

Denham-Blythe’s 2023 Annual Design & Construction Industry STEM Career Day

Presentations and experiments were presented to middle school and high school students from the Lexington community by Denham-Blythe employees, featuring different engineering fields as well as architecture and design. The STEM Career Day is held annually at the Denham-Blythe Lexington headquarters in hopes of encouraging students to look at all possibilities for STEM careers in the future. #FutureDesignBuild #STEM #BuildingTomorrow.

Construction Safety Week 2023 – May 1-5

Denham-Blythe is dedicated to providing a strong safety environment for our employees. For instance:

We hold daily training and “toolbox talks” to go over the do’s and don’t of inspecting equipment for safety issues, and making sure everyone is training properly on the equipment they will be using.

According to OSHA, falls are the leading cause of death in construction. So, we follow best practices to avoid falls in the workplace by always wearing proper PPE, including safety harnesses, using 3-Points-of-Contact while climbing a ladder, avoiding overreaching by moving the ladder for better access, and staying behind safety barriers and away from edges.

Practicing good housekeeping keeps our crews safe from construction debris. Sharp objects like nails or screws on the floor, or piles of material haphazardly strewn about, can result in injuries that are easily preventable. By keeping the floors clean of debris and stacking things such as drywall neatly in a designated areas while wearing appropriate PPE, we can prevent injuries before they occur.

Bill Ramsey named President of the Louisville Office for Denham-Blythe Co., Inc.

Bill Ramsey has recently been named President of the Louisville office for Denham-Blythe Co. Inc. Ramsey will oversee all operations for the Louisville office. He is the former Executive Vice President of Business Development at Denham-Blythe.

The company was founded in 1976 in Lexington, Ky. Specializing in markets such as industrial manufacturing, automotive, distribution, food, and healthcare, Denham-Blythe focuses on creating and maintaining relationships, completing building projects in over 30 states and Mexico, with 90% of its business from repeat customers.

DB Tennessee Office team members take part in golf scramble for Nashville Advocacy Group “4:13 Strong”

Our Tennessee office recently took part in a golf scramble to benefit 4:13 Strong, a Nashville advocacy group that helps men between the ages of 18-30 break harmful cycles of poverty, fatherlessness and crime by building relationships with their community through opportunities such as mentoring, job skills training and life skills training. For more information on how you can volunteer for 4:13 Strong, go to https://413strong.org/get-involved/volunteer/ #DBCares #Community

Michael Patterson promoted to President of the Lexington Office for Denham-Blythe Co., Inc.

Michael Patterson has been promoted to President of the Lexington Office for Denham-Blythe Co., Inc., a design/build large construction company with offices in Kentucky, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Patterson will oversee human resources, accounting, safety, assets, pre-construction and construction services for the Lexington office.

He is the former Executive Vice President of Construction & Business Development at Denham-Blythe, which was founded in 1976 in Lexington, Ky.

Specializing in markets such as industrial manufacturing, automotive, distribution, food, and healthcare, Denham-Blythe focuses on creating and maintaining relationships, completing building projects in over 30 states and Mexico, with 90% of its business from repeat customers.

Denham-Blythe hosts Japan/America Society of Kentucky (JASK) 6:01 Networking event

Denham-Blythe hosted the September Japan/America Society of Kentucky (JASK) 6:01 Networking event. Invitees had the chance to meet and mingle with fellow members to learn about business, culture and social customs of Japan and Kentucky. Co-sponsors of the event which included generous donations for our door prizes included: Beam Suntory, Four Roses Bourbon, and Lexington Griffin Gate Marriott Golf Resort & Spa. To learn more about JASK, click here: https://www.jask.org

Denham-Blythe selected to Design/Build new Kinetic by Windstream Building for Haymaker Commercial Real Estate

Denham-Blythe has been selected to design and build a new 30,000 square foot facility for developer Haymaker Commercial Real Estate, slated for completion in December 2022. Located in the Coldstream Research Park in Lexington, KY, the building will be leased by Kinetic by Windstream for its new regional headquarters. The headquarters will support operations in 18 states and provide software and network solutions.

Universal Piping Industries breaks ground on new manufacturing plant in Georgetown, KY

Denham-Blythe is excited to be constructing the new consolidated Universal Piping Industries manufacturing plant in the Lanes Run Business Park in Georgetown, KY. The plant will be a 108,000 SF facility that will allow UPI to prefabricate customized piping and equipment to be installed at manufacturing facilities throughout the United States. Construction is slated to be completed by April 2023.

Denham-Blythe celebrates Construction Safety Week – May 2-6, 2022

At Denham-Blythe, we want to highlight safety in every aspect of our projects. To celebrate Construction Safety Week 2022, our employees were asked what they believe helps build a strong safety culture to ensure everyone’s well-being on the jobsite. Listen to what our employees have to say regarding what safety means to them.

Denham-Blythe Company is building new offices to sustain its growth

By Kat Zeman, Senior Editor at Knighthouse Media

When it comes to design/build, Denham-Blythe Company is in its element. The Lexington, K.Y.-based design/builder specializes in industrial construction from the initial concept of a project through completion, taking on the role of both designer and constructor.

“That gives us a significant competitive edge,” CEO Bill Quenemoen says. ”We have architects, engineers, designers and construction managers all under one umbrella. Frequently, many companies will call themselves design/build but in reality they are a design firm or contractor that has to partner with other companies to be able to provide a complete design/build package.”

Denham-Blythe has a number of projects under construction in Tennessee and Kentucky, its main operating market. However, the company has worked on projects in other states as well. “We started as a Kentucky-based company but our customers have taken us all over the country. I consider us to be a regional design/builder but with a national capacity.”

Growing Need

Denham-Blythe has enjoyed healthy growth over the past few years. To accommodate the growth, it is constructing a new office building in Nashville. The company has had a presence in Nashville for almost two decades through a small satellite office it has been leasing, but it has outgrown it.

“This new building is necessary for us to sustain our growth in Nashville and the southern design/build markets,” Quenemoen says. “We are really booming in that whole southeastern market.”

The new two-story, 13,800-square-foot building broke ground in fall 2017. Roughly 50 employees are expected to move into the building’s top floor by the end of June. “We plan to lease out the lower level to others initially but will expand into that space down the line as we continue to grow,” Quenemoen says.

Bread And Butter

Since it specializes in industrial construction, Denham-Blythe tackles many projects for manufacturers that need custom-built facilities and warehouses. “Industrial design/build is our bread and butter, accounting for more than 80 percent of our business,” Quenemoen says. “But we do some light commercial and office buildings as well.”

The company has a unique project under construction in Ironton, Ohio. It is building a $140 million recycling facility that will take recycling to a new level.

“They will be using waste polypropylene plastics and recycling them into a high-quality reusable plastic material,” Quenemoen says. “It’s the first of its kind, especially in our region. So it’s a big deal for the overall market. It will change the recycling market here.”

At more than 100,000 square feet, the project broke ground in December and is targeted for completion in 2020. Another high-profile project, completed in October 2017, is a $85 million, 350,000-square-foot aluminum casting facility in Russellville, Ky.

“They recycle cans, shred and melt them and turn them into aluminum coils that are turned back into cans,” Quenemoen says. “One of the challenging things about this project was that they wanted to supply their own aluminum for the siding and the facility was being built on a sinkhole site. So we had to remediate a number of sinkholes below the building.”

Doing It In-House

Denham-Blythe has been providing architectural, engineering, construction management, general contracting and start-up services since 1976. Its clients include healthcare, education, religious institutions, Fortune 500 manufacturers, multinationals and a number of large private companies. The design/build contractor has offices in Nashville, Lexington, Ky., and Greenville, S.C.

Design/build is an alternative to the traditional design/bid/build project delivery method. Under the latter approach, design and construction services are split into separate entities, separate contracts and separate work.

Denham-Blythe credits its success in the design/build construction industry to its staff. Its in-house design team of registered architects and engineers focuses on creating functional, flexible and cost-effective solutions.

“Our people are our greatest asset,” Quenemoen says. “We have the best in-house personnel across the board. This includes carpenters and project managers as well as architects and engineers.”

The company’s in-house engineers prepare preliminary design analysis, design calculations and project documents. The team can make quick adjustments in design, scope and methods that affect scheduling. “We can control the design and schedule and expedite projects to keep them on schedule and within budget,” Quenemoen says.

The Denham-Blythe construction management method focuses on components that allow the customer to remain involved with the design team and construction crew throughout the process. “At the end of the day, we live and die by our customer services,” Quenemoen says. “More than 90 percent of our business is repeat clients. If we did not treat every project as the most important one, we would not have that kind of return customer statistic.”