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All processes are simplified when all project personnel are available within one company. We have the unique ability to act as the general contractor, engineers, architects, and constructors, providing streamlined communication and efficient collaboration. Our design-build delivery system offers clients the assurance of a single-source partner, while improving project schedule, costs, and quality.

The Best Way to Experience Project Success

Design-build is the chosen method for 85% of our projects each year. Our company was founded around this method because it provides several opportunities of a more successful project than both general contracting and construction management. If a client has an approved design or preferred architect, we are happy to provide either general contracting or construction management. However, we find most construction projects benefit most by employing EPC practices in conjunction with the design-build construction delivery system, as it provides the following advantages:

  • Single-point contact: Our project manager is the single point of contact for the client. We take complete ownership as one company accountable for all project aspects. The hassles of mitigating disagreements between parties, tracking progress and invoicing, and resolving project discoveries are taken off of the shoulders of the client and transferred to our project managers. This efficient service allows our company to resolve any of the possible headaches that may occur during the project.
  • Scheduling: Some groups label themselves as design-build but hire a third-party design group. We have a full, complemented in-house design group, allowing instant access and communication between project management and design. This benefit proves useful when time is of the essence and when a design must be created or modified quickly.
  • Collaboration: We bring all parties to one table to openly and honestly communicate about the project to reveal opportunities to cut costs, save time, and increase quality. Our meetings include the client, our in-house design team, project manager, on-site superintendent, and other project contributors.  This depth of experience regularly detects possible conflicts and project difficulties that can be resolved before ground is broken. The design-build collaboration fosters a sense of community where each project contributor will take steps to ensure their work does not inhibit other teams’ efforts.

To complement our ability to provide our clients several options regarding their project, we offer a wide range of construction services that supports any type of project. Our company is organized around this design-build model, having as many groups as possible in-house to reap the benefits of each other’s creativity, expertise, and wide array of resources in order to deliver the best results possible. The construction services we offer are provided by our three in-house teams: Design Group, Build Group, and Craft Group.

Every step of the way, we are there for your design/build needs.

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