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With project goals changing and clients’ visions evolving, we strive to create a consistent construction experience our clients can rely on.

Our Project Development Process


Collaboration between parties at this early stage can create engineering value opportunities that may cut project costs or shorten the project schedule. Through this collaborative effort, the client can express their priorities (e.g. financial realities, timeliness, design flexibility) and how they judge the success of the project.

Our first action for any project is taking the time to listen to the client. When a project is in its infancy, clients will share their lists that defines project scope, budget and schedule. After this initial interview, our project managers will quickly assemble all stakeholders and contributors to this project at one table for a further deeper discussion. This assembling of all important parties creates a clear project community of open and honest conversation about the details of the project. Unforeseen challenges of the project may be discovered and resolved early on, thus avoiding delays and costly changes.


Creation is undertaken by many parties, ensuring a comprehensive project proposal.

Our in-house design department consults all relevant building codes and compliances along with any possible needs of an existing facility and then draft preliminary construction documents. These early drawings are a means to communicate with the client to ensure we have clearly understood their vision of the project.

Project managers will work in parallel and develop a clear scope of the project requirement such as on-site management, safety compliance, and general site condition needs. Additionally, they will develop a project schedule that includes significant project milestones to hold all teams accountable, while letting the client know exactly where the project timeline stands.

Once all of these materials are created, they are provided to our in-house Estimating Department. Possible design changes are updated on the construction documents and the entire project team is notified immediately before moving on to the collection phase.


Once the client awards the project, our project managers procure the project's materials and equipment from reliable and financially stable subcontractors and vendors. We are fully responsible and held accountable for all of their activities leaving the client one point of communication for their needs.

Additionally, we assemble our in-house craft team that will be required for any self-perform work of the project. Our design team collects all permitting and building requirements needed for the project to ensure all building authorities have been fully engaged and will not postpone any construction activities.


Our construction always starts with safety. During the collaboration stage, our safety team is involved to identify possible safety concerns and to provide means of avoiding accidents throughout the project. They are engaged on the first day of the project, anytime a new team is brought on site, and during periodic on-site project audits.

Each of our projects is overseen by a full-time on-site project superintendent. The superintendent constantly monitors the project and ensures goals are being met daily. They establish safe working methods, coordinate each day’s activities, manage collaboration between different working parties, record daily reports, and work closely with the client’s immediate on-site needs.

Throughout the construction process, the project manager continues to act as the single point of contact for the client, alleviating the headache of multiple responsibilities for the client. The project manager coordinates all teams’ work on the project into one schedule and carries all contracts, tracking all teams' progress to invoice appropriately.

Both the superintendent and project manager will be experienced in the project’s installed elements and review the work installed for quality.

Continuous Care

As a project nears its end, the project manager provides tools to the client to ensure the use of the project is maintained. We conduct project walk-throughs with the client to review all project aspects and receive approval of installation before leaving the project. A record set of drawings and a manual for operations and maintenance of the projects elements help the client to keep the project operational when we leave.

Our care for this project continues by keeping in contact with the client. We often provide advice to our past clients on possible recommendations on how to renovate projects we have built for them. Additionally, our past clients often contact us first when unfortunate circumstances require emergency actions. A project manager will often arrive on site with appropriate designers and subcontractors to quickly remedy any damages to a facility in order to keep the client’s employees safe and keep their facility process in operation.

It is our mission to service our clients for life by providing by building a relationship founded on trust, consistency, and continuous care.

Every step of the way, we are there for your design/build needs.

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