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Field Engineer Training Day at Denham-Blythe headquarters in Lexington, KY

Denham-Blythe Field Engineers were mentored and trained in various aspects of the job by experienced Denham-Blythe team members during training day at the Lexington headquarters. The continuing education and training helps FE’s develop and gain experience to address quality issues and provide an ultimate pathway to leadership in their construction careers.

Denham-Blythe’s 2023 Annual Design & Construction Industry STEM Career Day

Presentations and experiments were presented to middle school and high school students from the Lexington community by Denham-Blythe employees, featuring different engineering fields as well as architecture and design. The STEM Career Day is held annually at the Denham-Blythe Lexington headquarters in hopes of encouraging students to look at all possibilities for STEM careers in the future. #FutureDesignBuild #STEM #BuildingTomorrow.

Field Engineer Training Day at Denham-Blythe Lexington headquarters

At Denham-Blythe, we are dedicated to providing our engineers with the latest training and best practices while using equipment on the jobsite. Recently, we hosted a training day for our field engineers to gain hands-on learning and experience from our engineering department managers.