Asahi Bluegrass Forge celebrates the completion of their press expansion


On October 1, 2018, Asahi Bluegrass Forge hosted a ceremony to celebrate their newly completed facility expansion and the start-up of their new forging press at the manufacturing plant in Richmond, Kentucky.

The ceremony was led by Mark Asahi, Managing Director of Asahi Forge Corporation, and Mack Ishigaki, President of Asahi Bluegrass Forge. Following Shinto religious traditions, Mark and Mack performed a ground purification ritual by sprinkling Japanese sake and salt around the press and expansion area. The ceremony continued with a few words of praise from Mark Asahi regarding this milestone for Asahi Bluegrass Forge and Asahi Corporation and concluded with the firing of the new press.

Denham-Blythe’s CEO Bill Quenemoen, President James Davis, Construction and Development Manager Rene DeBerdt, and Project Manager Jordan Lewis were in attendance at the event. Denham-Blythe Company has worked closely with Asahi Forge Corporation for many years, including the construction of the 68,000 SF Asahi Bluegrass Forge plant in 2011.

Denham-Blythe designed and built this 38,300 SF expansion to accommodate the installation of ABF’s fifth press. Project highlights include concrete foundation for the new press, an upgraded cooling water system, the extension of an existing crane way, and the installation of a five-ton crane. Outside of the expanded facility, Denham-Blythe relocated an existing scrap material handling building and placed new pavement for outdoor storage and vehicle access. The project was completed without disrupting production in the existing facility.

Asahi Forge Corporation is a leading manufacturer of automotive suspension bearing components. The addition of this 3000-ton press will increase ABF’s production to help meet the Automotive industry’s growing demand of this product. Asahi Bluegrass Forge is one of three Asahi Corporation manufacturing facilities that are based in the USA. Asahi Forge America is also located in Richmond, Kentucky. NTA Precision Axle Corporation is located in Carol Stream, Illinois.

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