Denham-Blythe reaches one million LTI-free man-hours

Denham-Blythe One Million Safe Hours

Denham-Blythe Company is proud to announce a new safety milestone of one million man-hours without a lost time injury as of November 15, 2018. This accomplishment is a result of Denham-Blythe employees’ continuous commitment to safety and the ongoing education, resources, and awareness that the Denham-Blythe safety team provides to every employee and subcontractor involved with a Denham-Blythe project.

Sam Boley, Safety Director at Denham-Blythe, credits the achievement as a team accomplishment, “we reached this milestone because our employees truly value the safety of each other and aren’t afraid to use our safety team as a resource. Denham-Blythe has come a long way in establishing a safety culture that is leading by example in the construction industry.”

The Denham-Blythe safety team consists of six full-time safety officers who regularly audit all project sites and manage company-wide safety education. Led by Sam Boley, the Denham-Blythe safety culture is ingrained through a Zero Harm philosophy which teaches employees, subcontractors, and clients to analyze how every action they take will affect themselves, others, and their environment. Using Job Hazard Analysis, they can take necessary steps to remove or mitigate any risks associated with their tasks.

Denham-Blythe’s goal of the Zero Harm program is to  promote an environment that encourages clear communication regarding safety. “When safety is negatively policed, employees are discouraged from asking for resources and asking for help,” said Sam Boley. “Because our company’s top priority is keeping every person safe, we have been able to promote a positive culture and maintain open discussions regarding job-site safety.”

Denham-Blythe’s continued success of safely building quality projects for more than 40 years is derived from the clear efforts of its safety team’s involvement. By teaching and rewarding safe work practices, Denham-Blythe is contributing to building trust and dependability at all projects and with every client.

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