Zero Harm

Safety remains at the core to all that we do. We believe safety is a culture that is maintained through continuous training, monitoring, and motivation, ensuring that each individual associated with one of our projects returns home safe every day.

Every Project, Every Person

Whether we're working on the excavation for a press pit foundation, a multiple-story hospital expansion, or an interior office fit-up, safety is integrated throughout every phase of every project. Our team of full-time safety personnel regularly audit all of our work-sites to ensure the safety of our employees, sub-contractors, and clients who enter the job-site. Our dedicated safety team acts as a resource while providing direction, promoting awareness, and actively facilitating safe work practices. With extensive in-house safety training that starts with new hires and continues with competency training, our safety team ensures compliance along with an injury-free workplace.

Denham-Blythe Safety at-a-glance 2021

  • 2,417,940 man-hours / 65 months without a Lost Time Injury
  • 0.82 EMR (Experienced Modification Rate)

Zero Harm Philosophy

Our safety culture is ingrained through our Zero Harm Philosophy. Led by our Safety Director, the proactive approach teaches employees, sub-contractors, and clients to analyze how every action they take will affect themselves, others, and their environment so that they can take necessary steps to remove or mitigate any risks associated with their tasks.

Zero Harm is achieved with everyone's participation. Our company's continued success of safely building quality projects for over 45 years is derived from the clear efforts of our safety team's involvement with all project personnel. By teaching and rewarding Safe Work Practices, we are contributing to building trust and dependability at our projects and with our clients.

Zero Harm Key Components:

  • Comprehensive program manual
  • OSHA 10-hour and 30-hour training
  • Continuous competency training
  • Safe work incentives
  • Disciplinary program
  • Project daily kick-off meetings
  • Weekly toolbox talks with everyone on site
  • Reporting & reviewing near misses
  • Job Hazard Analysis for all construction processes
  • Comprehensive safety audits


American Society of Safety Professionals

Board of Certified Safety Professionals

Kentucky Safety and Health Network

International Board for Certified Safety Managers





2020 Associated General Contractors of America Award of Construction Excellence Award

2019 Kentucky Governor's Award of Excellence for Workplace Safety and Health for achieving over one million man-hours without a Lost Time Injury

2019 Tennessee Governor's Award of Excellence for Workplace Safety and Health for achieving over 700,000 man-hours without a Lost Time Injury

2016 Kentucky Governor's Safety Award for achieving over 500,000 man-hours without a Lost Time Injury

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