Industrial + EPC

The Okonite Company

Premier manufacturers of high quality insulated electrical wire and cable since 1878

Facility Additions & Expansions

The Okonite Company was posed to update and expand their production capacity at multiple site locations around their facility. We provided our design-build services for nine projects over two years.

  • 3-story, 71' tall process tower building with 118' long "ski-slope" roof
  • Heavy-load capacity elevated concrete floors with removable floor panels
  • Well-lit process spaces kept comfortably conditioned despite high heat load from equipment
  • Freight elevator and overhead 7.5-ton crane
  • 12' deep process pits and a variety of trenches
  • Engineered joint-free and steel-plate embedded concrete slab-on-grade
  • 170,000 sf of exterior concrete slab-on-grade for storage

  • Contract Amount
  • $24,600,000
  • Location
  • Richmond, Kentucky
  • Square Feet
  • 165,800
  • Duration
  • 20 Months
  • Project Type
  • Additions & Expansions

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