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International high-technology supplier of equipment in the Aerospace and Defense markets.

New Production Building & Support Buildings

Safran was positioned to expand their production capacity due to greater demand. Denham-Blythe Company provided design-build for the facility portion of the project and worked in alongside a Process Construction Group and helped develop early building programming for this process-heavy project.

  • 2-story, 80 ft clean span, 60' tall main building with heavy-capacity structural floor
  • Designed and managed 1700 tons of structural steel
  • Variety of overhead, monorail, and gantry cranes
  • Detailed coordination of labor and on-site material due to limited lay-down space
  • Massive site renovation to accommodate new building floor level coordination with existing buildings
  • Collaboration with local governing jurisdiction to build new county road

  • Contract Amount
  • $27,600,000
  • Location
  • Walton, Kentucky
  • Square Feet
  • 122,800
  • Duration
  • 31 Months
  • Project Type
  • New Construction
mechanical partner
“You can always expect an excellent staff, from design to installation. DB always attack projects by providing good communication, coordination, organization practices with a heavy emphasis on safety.”

Solutions for every problem

Whether on a bicycle, car or aircraft, the problem is the same: the kinetic energy of the moving vehicle has to be absorbed and then transformed into heat in order to dissipate it.

Stopping an Airbus A340 or a Boeing 777 travelling at 300 km/h in a few hundred meters means absorbing more than 1 billion joules in a few tens of seconds - around 125 mega joules per wheel and brake! Although the risk is in the order of 1 in 1 million take offs, it is the most extreme case that Safran Landing Systems' wheels and brakes have to deal with in the unlikely event of a rejected take-off.

To do this, Safran Landing Systems has developed a range of innovative technologies, such as carbon and electric brakes, and can rely on its experience gained from decade-long partnerships on a range of commercial and military programs.

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