Automotive Sector

Many of our first projects were in the Automotive Manufacturing and Supply Sector. From 1976 to today, all of these projects incorporate efficiency and safety. When we employ our 5C process into design-build projects, we are able to fully maximize efficient use of time and resources as well as provide value-add into building systems. Our design group arranges facility conditions that allow adaptable future use and work space for facility employees. We are experienced with safely working adjacent to fully operational production lines and include safety resources and monitoring to our projects to keep all teams unharmed.


Murray, KY

South Korea based manufacturer of powertrain parts for automobiles, heavy equipment, and motorcycles.

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Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America

Georgetown, KY

The world's largest automotive manufacturer

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International Crankshaft Inc.

Georgetown, KY

Premier crankshaft forger with award-winning technology and service

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Nippon Steel & Sumikin Bussan

Worldwide marketer and exporter of steel, industrial supply and infrastructure, textile, foodstuff, and other products.

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ABC Group

Gallatin, TN

Worldwide leader in the design, development, & production of plastic automotive systems

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Asahi Bluegrass Forge

Richmond, KY

Manufacturer of forged, heat-treated, and turned parts for automobile, bearing, and construction machinery

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